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Dominican Republic, country of the West Indies that occupies the eastern two-thirds of Hispaniola, the second largest island of the Greater Antilles chain in the Caribbean Sea. Haiti, also an independent republic, occupies the western third of the island. The Dominican Republic’s shores are washed by the Caribbean to the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the north. Between the eastern tip of the island and Puerto Rico flows the Mona Passage, a channel about 80 miles (130 km) wide. The Turks and Caicos Islands are located some 90 miles (145 km) to the north, and Colombia lies about 300 miles (500 km) to the south. The republic’s area, which includes such adjacent islands as Saona, Beata, and Catalina, is about half the size of Portugal. The national capital is Santo Domingo, on the southern coast.

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Dominican Republic Telephone Dialing Code +1

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Prefix City Setup price Monthly price
1-849 La Romana 1USD 5USD DID Number in La Romana
1-849 La Vega 1USD 5USD DID Number in La Vega
1-849 Moca 1USD 5USD DID Number in Moca
1-849 San Cristobal 1USD 5USD DID Number in San Cristobal
1-849 San Pedro Macoris 1USD 5USD DID Number in San Pedro Macoris
1-849 Santiago 1USD 5USD DID Number in Santiago
1-829 Santiago 1USD 5USD DID Number in Santiago
1-829 Santo Domingo 1USD 5USD DID Number in Santo Domingo
1-849 Santo Domingo 1USD 5USD DID Number in Santo Domingo