Cloud Hosted PBX System

DIDnPBX – Learn how to use DIDNumberprovider and DIDnPBX

Cloud-Hosted PBX – DIDnPBX

A reliable, easy-to-use our hosted PBX system ( DnP) that gives you the features and analytics you need to improve your team performance anywhere in the world.

  • Set up your cloud-based PBX in just a few minutes with our Drag and Drop Interface.
  • Enjoy amazing call quality no matter where you do business
  • Access the world’s largest range of DID (DDI/Virtual) numbers covering 70+ countries
  • Includes call recording, call queues, automated call routing, IVR and more

Create and Visualize Your Call Flows

Do not waste your time on complicated programming and scripting. Easily create your call flows with drag and drop of all available components and visualize your voice application for enhanced efficiency and control. Once tested, just upload it into your PBX.

Drag & Drop

No programming skills required

Design your Communication

Flow within Hours


Monitoring Tools

Call Flow Editor – Build Your Tailor – Made Phone System with DIDnPBX Included with our numbers

The Call Flow Editor is a magic tool kit that allows you to create the perfect phone system for your business – even if you do not have advanced programming or scripting skills. Completely integrated in our web interface, you use drag-and-drop to combine over 50 modules to call flows. Incoming calls travel along the route of the call flow, depending on the conditions and crossings you have built. Save your agents time and surprise your customers with excellent service.

Call Management Made Easy with Advanced Call Routing

  • Easily configure IVR menus with custom prompts
  • Set up automated call routing based on your preferred business rules
  • Manage unlimited call queues with custom ring rules and music-on-hold
  • Upload custom greetings and voicemail transcription rules
  • Forward calls to softphones, landlines, or mobile devices anywhere in the world

Maximize you Communications Outcome – How to Use the Call Flow Editor

With the Call Flow Editor agents can handle incoming calls more efficiently and providing prompt service and support to customers or business partners.

Effortless business class telephony

  • Call queuing
  • Ring Groups
  • Voice menus
  • Voice mail
  • Conference calling
  • Call recording
  • Caller blacklists
  • Fax
  • Audio playback
  • Internal numbers
  • Call pick-up
  • Record on demand
  • Call transfer

Quickly Setup Efficient Customer Communications

Instantly organize how your business receives and responds to customer calls with DnP Cloud PBX Solution: ( DIDnPBX) an easy-to-use, cloud-based business phone system.

A virtual receptionist greets customers and routes them to the right agent.

  • The system tracks & logs every call.
  • Systematically store call recordings.
  • Scale up or scale down operations with ease