Multi Channel Number

Multi Channel DID Numbers / Unlimited Channel DID Phone Numbers

  • Call Centers
  • Conference Applications
  • Calling Card Applications
  • High volume incoming calls businesses

Our flat rate inbound DID, with unlimited inbound call minutes and channel expansion capability, make the perfect access numbers for your customers to call.

The inbound caller ID (CLI) is passed on all calls where the calling party has sent a caller ID number. The format is E164 by default and can be customized on request.

Simply contact us to purchase a Multi channel number from any of countries in list below. Mention Country required with channel option required ,along with purpose of use of number and we will be happy to provide you with Virtual PRI Number

For Countries other than Published below , we have Channel Expansion Available for Most of Countries. Kindly contact us for Multi Channel DID’s in countries other than published below

Country Name Setup Fee Monthly Rental Channels Included