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Slovakia, landlocked country of central Europe. It is roughly coextensive with the historic region of Slovakia, the easternmost of the two territories that from 1918 to 1992 constituted Czechoslovakia. The short history of independent Slovakia is one of a desire to move from mere autonomy within the Czechoslovak federation to sovereignty—a history of resistance to being called “the nation after the hyphen.” Although World War II thwarted the Slovaks’ first vote for independence in 1939, sovereignty was finally realized on January 1, 1993, slightly more than three years after the Velvet Revolution—the collapse of the communist regime that had controlled Czechoslovakia since 1948.

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Slovakia Telephone Dialing Code +421

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PrefixCitySetup priceMonthly price
421-48Banska Bystrica1USD2USDDID Number in Banska Bystrica
421-54Bardejov1USD2USDDID Number in Bardejov
421-2Bratislava1USD2USDDID Number in Bratislava
421-31Dunajska Streda1USD2USDDID Number in Dunajska Streda
421-57Humenne1USD2USDDID Number in Humenne
421-55Kosice1USD2USDDID Number in Kosice
421-36Levice1USD2USDDID Number in Levice
421-44Liptovsky Mikulas1USD2USDDID Number in Liptovsky Mikulas
421-47Lucenec1USD2USDDID Number in Lucenec
421-43Martin1USD2USDDID Number in Martin
421-56Michalovce1USD2USDDID Number in Michalovce
421-37Nitra1USD2USDDID Number in Nitra
421-35Nove Zamky1USD2USDDID Number in Nove Zamky
421-52Poprad1USD2USDDID Number in Poprad
421-42Povazska Bystrica1USD2USDDID Number in Povazska Bystrica
421-51Presov1USD2USDDID Number in Presov
421-800Toll Free47USD13USDDID Number in Toll Free
421-46Prievidza1USD2USDDID Number in Prievidza
421-58Roznava1USD2USDDID Number in Roznava
421-34Senica1USD2USDDID Number in Senica
421-53Spisska Nova Ves1USD2USDDID Number in Spisska Nova Ves
421-38Topolcany1USD2USDDID Number in Topolcany
421-32Trencin1USD2USDDID Number in Trencin
421-33Trnava1USD2USDDID Number in Trnava
421-41Zilina1USD2USDDID Number in Zilina
421-45Zvolen1USD2USDDID Number in Zvolen